Meet the Team


General Dogs Body!

James has a background in farming and the countryside and loves the rural life in France. He is self-appointed General Dogsbody and enjoys nothing more than shovelling manure with the big tractor or looking after the goats and sheep. He can frequently be seen riding on his little tractor mowing the camping field in a world of his own. But if there is anything urgent to be done or if any of the guests need help James is your man!! He also has a very soft spot for the farm kitten - Tiger.


Crazy Chicken Lady!

Sarah loves the French life after being cooped up behind a desk in the UK for more years than she cares to remember. Her main role is to look after the chickens and ducks and can frequently be heard having meaningful conversations with them when she feeds them in the morning. She says they understand her and at least they listen – well sort of!! Sarah also is in charge of planting up the allotment and is often found on her hands and knees digging out those pesky weeds from between the carrots and cabbages. Sarah is also the chief jam and chutney maker.


Professor Messer

Matthew has his jobs on the farm too which include looking after the rabbits and turkeys when he’s not in school. He is also our assistant head groundsman and frequently takes over with mowing the camping field. Matthew’s forte is messing about building ‘things’ out of sticks and string and has made numerous dens and traps around the land hence his job title!


Official Meeter and Greeter

Willow is happy to be in France and enjoys the fresh air. She is very friendly and takes every opportunity to visit our camping guests. She has a fetish for sticks but is also generous with them and thinks nothing of donating them to our campers.


Our goats

Our two nanny goats have been with us for as long as we have owned the farm. They have been visited recently from a very stinky billy goat (no name but we called him Stinky Pete) who we hope has done the business and that in the spring we will have some kids to show you so watch this space. They are both very friendly goats and love being scratched on the top of their heads between their horns. In the spring we try to let them out into the paddock when the weather is good as these girls don’t like rain.


Sultan the cockerel

Sultan is the very elegant looking cockerel which we have strutting around the farm yard. His lovely golden neck feathers make him look just like a sultan in his fine robes. He has his harem of ladies but he’s such a smooth crower all the ladies seem to fall at his feet, so to speak. He is the daddy of many of our young chicks that were hatched this year.